Hey, there!

I’m Cat Raincock

I’m your typical girl-next-door Londoner, Women’s Mentor, podcaster, and author. Obsessed with: celery juice, my dog, and yoga pants. Helping women everywhere live life as their true selves.

I didn’t always have this life: the amazing family, beautiful home, fulfilling career… in fact, just 5 years ago my life looked and felt very different. I was newly married and had two kids but I felt empty. Despite ticking the boxes that society told me would equal happiness, I felt lost, stuck, overwhelmed, underwhelmed and desperately wanted more from life. Was this it?!

I made a commitment to myself to change my life and have dedicated the last few years to me. I faced my shadows, looked back over my childhood and learned why I was feeling like I did.
Lightbulb moment! It all started to make sense.

Today you’ll find me snuggled up at home in London writing and coaching, or jet-setting off to a new destination with my loving family.

I should have known that the girl who grew up dreaming of being an actress wouldn’t settle for a mediocre life.

I changed my story, so can you.

Ready to dive deeper? Let me lead the way.