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Honestly Cat is dedicated to helping you shine.  It was conceived with an aim to empower and educate modern women.  It’s a space for honest, authentic and real women to discuss honest topics openly. 

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In this week’s episode I explain why self love is so important and delve into what and how you can do it, while exploring why one must dig up the roots of low confidence to thrive and live as your greatest self.  You deserve to love you.

On this week’s podcast I have been talking to American downhill skier Abigail Murer on the importance of having a growth mindset. She believes every woman has the capability of being a badass female who can achieve anything she desires!  After some set backs with her health, she has transformed her life and mindset.

Imagine if you put your trust in something bigger than you? Like the Universe, learn how trust the universal laws of attraction can transform your life. This was a key tool I used in my transformation and was an absolute game changer for me.

Learn how facing your fears and healing your relationship with food can transform your life. Join me and author of Goddess Revolution, self love expert and food psychology coach Mel Wells as she talks about her new book ‘Hungry for More’ and why you must feed and nourish your deepest soul’s cravings.

I believe it is your birthright to live a confident and happy life. Learn why you are magic as a woman and deserve to live with oodles of self confidence.  Upgrade your confidence and you upgrade your life.  You deserve to life your fullest life.

Brittney Carmichael was 75 lbs overweight, her career as a hairstylist had  her work/life balance out of whack and her mother had a stroke.  During this testing time, she learnt that beauty isn’t something to be found on the outside. Beauty, to her, is the ability to be your authentic self and shine from the inside.