Born to Shine

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Born to Shine: The Modern Woman’s Guide to a Happier Life.

Why the World Needs My Book

The planet is crying out for the feminine to rise, to bring her compassion, love and nurturing hand to those around her, Mother Earth, and all that lives and breathes. The feminine can’t rise until she lets go of the old and builds her confidence and learns that she can do it. Then she will rise and so will the planet’s vibration.

As I rose, I felt compelled to share my story far and wide so that women could change their life too. The world needs this. Why didn’t every woman know why and how the laws of attraction work. Shouldn’t we all know how to upgrade our mind and its workings and raise our vibration? Isn’t it only right that woman can feel safe to feel, to heal and to be their best version? This book educates, empowers and shows women the way.

I should have known that the girl who grew up dreaming of being an actress wouldn’t settle for a mediocre life. I changed my story, and I know that other women can too.

My book’s mission

It’s my mission is to empower women. Everyone is entitled to a big life upgrade. My story is here to show women that there is hope, they do matter and there is more to life than what they are experiencing. They deserve to have the life they dreamt of as a kid and to fulfil their potential, to rid themselves of self-limiting beliefs, to be happy, free, living with passion and purpose.

It’s time to align their life so that they can become the woman they were meant to be before the world told them who they should be.

“Warm, relatable and uplifting, Cat calls us to action and then walks with us every step of the way. A nourishing and inspiring read.”

Suzy Reading – Self Care Psychologist, Mind Editor for Psychologies magazine