The Modern Woman’s Guide to a Happier Life

I am so thrilled and delighted to announce that my debut book has launched this March!

You can get your hands on your copy RIGHT HERE using the form below.

You can choose from a Standard copy or a Limited Edition Gold copy.  I will personally sign & send you copy – I might even smudge it with some sage too!

The gold version comes with a guided meditation designed to replace common out-dated beliefs.  

You can choose from 3, here are the details: 

These guided meditations are designed to repair the most common out-dated beliefs that women have – ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I always fail’, ‘I am unlucky’.  

 Transform your mindset with one of these meditations: 

 Meditation 1 –  ‘I can do it’

 Meditation 2 –  ‘I am a success’

 Meditation 3 –  ‘Good things always happen to me’  

When you check out – simply select with edition you want.

If it’s the gold one then you can decide which meditation is best for you. Simple!

If you’re ready to find out how you were Born to Shine, then just fill out this form!



How motherhood tore my life apart – and then became my medicine

Women’s Mentor Cat Raincock shares the story of how becoming a mother aged 35 was the catalyst and yet not the cause of her life’s undoing.  Despite a childhood in which like many little girls, she dreamed of marriage, babies and the perfect London home, when the former TV presenter and interior designer gave birth to her son in 2012, she experienced what she describes as “a slow melt down.”

Cat’s daughter’s birth two years later confirmed what she had on some unconscious level already known – that beneath the desire to present a perfect picture of domestic bliss and adoring motherhood to the world, unhealed pain was threatening to cause an explosion in the carefully curated life she modelled.

“It was a feeling of intense overwhelm which never went away. By busying myself making gluten free, organic muffins and attempting to embody maternal perfection, I had managed to distract myself from the powerlessness which was all encompassing.”

The turning point came when Cat’s husband began seeing a life coach to help him to take transitional steps in his career. Whilst that might have been his motivation, what he received was an insight into the childhood wounds preventing his own trust in his capabilities. Cat admits that had her husband not taken the first step toward therapy, she might never have followed his footsteps into exploring the suffering which had come to underpin her life as a wife and mother.

Six years on, Cat is committed to encouraging women to cast off the social and inherited shackles which numb us from and prevent us from honouring what we feel. Disconnecting us from our own peace, health and liberation.

“So many of the women that come to me, arrive with physical symptoms. Through our work together, we discover time and time again that it is the belief systems born in childhood and buried deep down, which manifest themselves in the body. It is only through the unearthing of these deep-seated beliefs that we can free ourselves from the desire to be perfect which society subjects us to.”

In Cat’s first book ‘Born to Shine’ she shares;

  • How our deep wounds date 5 generations down
  • How our children mirror our behaviour and experience
  • Learn why your early childhood dictates your experience as a mother and as a woman
  • How this issue in not unique to mothers but women as a whole
  • Learn why therapy and seeking professional support is a must for all women.