Captured Moments

It’s about capturing the moments of today so that they can wow your heart in the future.”

Birth Photography


I have grown up with an eye for a heartfelt moments and there’s little time that you don’t see me with a camera in my hand.  As a passion of mine for so long, i decided to merge it with my professional passion that is birth-keeping.

You can’t get a better combination than birth and photography. To capture such a moment in time is so special not just because you can look back at the journey in years to come and know that you did it, you bought your baby Earth side and you’ve got beautiful images to remind of that very journey together.

Whether you want a hundred photos of the birth journey or a 3-5 minute compilation video with music, the choice is yours.

The only I ask if a handful of images for my business.  Your privacy is paramount and only ones that have been given permission to can be used and anonymous ones are fine to. Together we can find what works.

Photography is the pause button on life”


Book me to capture your special journey in still photography.


  • Minimum of 100 images of your birth journey
  • Discreet taking of images
  • Edited and filtered images to compliment mood 
  • Direction from client with key wants
  • Organic, natural creations
  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Quiet and considered in birth space
  • Taken with love and a genuine passion of capturing sacred times
  • Use of Iphone and digital SLR Canon camera.


If you would like to meet me before i capture your birth then we can book a call unless i’m working with you through your birth and it will be part of your pre natal visit.


£100 for editing time (If booked with doula care)

Approx £555 for stand alone photography for 5 hours


What better way to share your journey with a beautiful video.  Sometimes a photo just isn’t enough to tell a story.  How about a 3-5 minute video compilation with music of your sacred birth journey to keep forever?


  • 1 x 3-5 minute video of birth journey with music
  • Edited and shared with you within a week
  • Discreet taking of moments during sacred time
  • An heart felt eye for those special times
  • Organic moments captured rather than staged set ups
  • Use of Iphone and digital SLR Canon camera
  • All taken and made with love.  

While i can’t share other people’s birth journey stories, i can send you some compilation videos to show my style of editing and an insight in what to expect


£150 for editing time (If booked with doula care)

Approx £555 for stand alone videography for 5 hours