Mother Flourish Courses

 Mother Flourish Courses

It’s an absolute minefield out there with so much information on birth and really what you want when you are pregnant is to feel supported and guided.  My courses give you comprehensive and easy to ready information on the most important parts of labour and birth and ensures you walk away feeling ready for birth, rather than overwhelmed and alone.


Easy to digest information on labour & birth

A hand to hold you through this process

If you can’t afford a doula, this is your next best option

Peace of mind ahead of your birth

A sense of preparedness

A birth plan



**Please note: In order to do the Maxi course, you’ll need to do the mini course here – think of it like your introduction to labour and birth and a good foundation to dive deeper.

Birth Preparation Mini Course £44

This course is designed to get you on your way to feeling and being prepared for the arrival of your baby. It is a gentle introduction to labour and birth and will create a foundation to build from.

Here’s a snap shot of what’s in the Mini course: 

  • An extensive birth pack with lots of birth topics for further reading on each topic
  • A comprehensive list of your key birth rights so that you can ensure you maintain body sovereignty and bestow true empowerment in the birth space
  • A beautiful birth affirmations MP3 recording to listen to during pregnancy to align your mind for a blissful and empowered birth journey
  • A list of resources including; suggested books, documentaries, podcasts and Instagram accounts to peruse so that you can receive information in the way that suits you and gain maximum knowledge
  • A guide on post partum (first 40 days post birth) and how to set up success for your first 6 weeks of Motherhood
  • My top 5 post partum recipes so that you can batch cook or instruct your partner to cook up a storm to nourish you fully post birth.

Following the Mini course, you will have a greater sense of knowledge and empowerment.

Once you have taken this course, if you feel called, the Maxi course goes even deeper and get into the nitty gritty of each stage of Labour and delves further into all areas.

Birth Preparation Maxi Course £299

This is an all you need to know course on each stage of labour and birth so that you can feel prepared for birth.  A stone is not left unturned ! Plus you get 1 on 1 time with me, your remote Doula and walk away with a completed birth plan.  This course is a culmination of all my years training in various modalities along with personal experience of having two children myself.

Here’s what is included in the Maxi Course:

  •  2 x 60 minute Zoom calls with me, your remote Doula at the beginning and end of the course to connect and get a full run down of where you are and what you need ahead of birthing your baby in the World

  • Extensive all you need-to-know on each stage of labour:  Early Labour, Established Labour, Birth, 3rd stage and post-partum (first 40 days)

  • Mindful tools such as birth meditations, breathing exercises for each stage so that you have go to tools to use during each part of your journey

  • Considerations that you might need to take during each stage to ensure an empowered birth

  • We will co-create your birth plan during the 2 zoom calls (3 versions) so all eventualities of birth are covered on your terms so that you can have an empowered birth

  • All of my post partum recipes
  • Healing practices so you can easy your mind and body post birth
  • Full knowledge on each step, rich in confidence so that you can make consensual decisions in the birth room while maintaining body sovereignty and a sense of birth empowerment

  • You will walk away with a birth plan (3 versions)

  • You will feel prepared for birth by the end of the course.

Why take these Courses?

    • Do you want to feel ready for birth? Yes? Then these courses will get you there
    • An empowered birth gives you the best chance to avoid birth trauma and thus post-natal depression
    • You want help to do a birth plan and feel confident with it
    • You want an empowered birth so you can sink into the depth of your feminine wisdom and strength
    • You want to feel like someone is holding your hand through pregnancy
    • You want a 1-stop place for simple but effective birth tools such as birth meditations, birth affirmations, breathing exercises and extensive birth resources
    • You don’t want a load of boring videos to watch – mine are short and sweet!
    • You can’t afford a doula but you’ll have access to me as your remote doula
    • You find the information out there overwhelming – this course gives you a condensed and comprehensive 1-stop place to cover the key areas in the birth process
    • You want to set yourself up for a positive birth experience
    • You want a seamless transition from Maidenhood to Motherhood
    • You want to give your baby the best opportunity to birth naturally into the World
    • You want to give yourself the best start to Motherhood.

Maxi Course Add on £99

If 2 x Zoom calls with me isn’t enough, then you can book me as your remote doula and have What’s app access to me up until your due date.

During our ‘remote’ time together you can sound out any other things that crop up emotionally and physically during your pregnancy and feel like you have your hand held every step.

Remote Doula care by me, until due date, post course: £99

Course Combo Offer £310

Mini/Maxi Course Combo £310 (10 % off ~ £33 saving)

Full Course Package £399

Or get the whole package – Mini/Maxi/Remote Care Combo £399 (RRP £442, a saving of £43)