Post-Partum Doula Baskets

“Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Doula Baskets to Nourish

When you’re a new mum it can be overwhelming to stay on top of feeding your baby, let alone yourself.  With this in mind, I have put together a handful of homemade, organic fresh food baskets especially for a new Mother, so that while she can care for your baby and be fully nourished and nurtured through my doula baskets.

Or why not gift a basket to a new mum?  So many presents are given to the new babies that quite frankly are a waste of money – who needs another fluffy bunny?  Instead why not spend on something that will heal a new mum, make her feel cared for and ease her in to her new routine where she doesn’t have to think about what to eat because a beautiful basket has arrived on her doorstep.

I deliver it to the front door.  Each basket has 4 portions, which will either last 4 days if it’s just for you or 2 days if it is shared with your partner.

All recipes are designed to heal a post-partum body so lots of warming spices and ingredients are used to encourage the perfect environment in the body to heal, produced more milk and sustain a Mum through the early weeks.

Areas of delivery:

Area 1: SW6 SW10 SW3 SW1 Delivery fee £7.50

Area 2: SW11 SW4 SW15 W6 SW7 W11 Delivery fee £12.50

Delivery days:

Monday Wednesday Friday 

  “In many countries around the world, the 40 days postpartum period is a joyous, celebratory period. It is a time where Mama should be resting, recharging, celebrated & intensely cared for.

What you can expect:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Clean options (without refined sugar)
  • Home made
  • Ingredients to heal and warm a post-partum body
  • Ingredients to assist in building milk supply
  • Vegan and Vegetarian options available on request
  • Small bunch of flowers to adorn the basket
  • Delivered straight to doorstep
  • Bespoke baskets available
  • Made with love

Get prepared ahead of your birth and buy in advance to freeze or gift a basket to a new Mumma.

Early Days Sweet Treat £25

A nourishing treat to heal and assist your milk supply straight after birth

  • Groaning cake (12 slices) or other sweet option (see list)
  • 4 litres of fresh herbal tea of choice (see tea options below)
  • Small bunch of flowers

Early Days Basket £40

All you need to nourish you on the other side of your birth

  • Rice congee with warming spices & syrup (sweet) or chicken or veg stock & diced root veg & kale (savoury)  – 4 portions (sweet or savoury choice)

  • 4 litres of fresh herbal tea – with hibiscus, fresh ginger & honey or other tea of your choice

  • Small bunch of flowers

Breakfast in Bed £40

A nourishing start to your day – start as you mean to go on!

  • A loaf of spelt soda bread with homemade jam
  • Granola with fruit compote and coconut yoghurt (2 portions)
  • 2 litres of fresh herbal tea (choose from list of teas below)
  • Small bunch of flowers


Lunch/Dinner on the sofa £40

This takes care of lunch or dinner and warms your heart.

  • A loaf of spelt soda bread with homemade jam

  • Fresh soup or broth of the week

  • Fresh fruit and nut platter

  • Small bunch of flowers
  • 2 litres of fresh herbal tea (choose from list of teas below)

Pick me Up £25

A nourishing treat during the day for energy and a happy pick you up!

  • Sweet treat of the week (1 cake or 6 muffins/6 cookies)

  • Fresh fruit and nut platter

  • 2 litres of fresh herbal tea (choose from list of teas below)

Visitor Basket £20

Perfect to bring out when a guest is visiting you or if you’re visiting a mother and baby, take this along.

  • Carrot or banana cake (12 slices)

  • Small bunch of flowers
  • 4 litres of herbal tea of choice

Tea & infusion options:

  • Mother Flourish tea – Hibiscus flower, cinnamon, fresh ginger & honey
  • Mumma Blend –lemon balm, chamomile flowers, rose petals, spearmint leaf and lavender blossoms
  • Calm Mumma tea – Camomile and Fennel (for a sense of calm and increased milk flow)
  • Milk me blend – Cumin & Fenugreek tea with honey to taste (to aid lactation)
  • Warm me blend – Fresh ginger, turmeric & honey tea with option of coconut milk to taste (anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial)
  • Heal Mumma tea – Motherwort infusion (for post-partum cramping)
  • 40 day infusion – Raspberry leaf infusion (for Uterus strength, milk flow & quality)
  • Energise Mumma infustion – Nettle and lemon infusion (for energy and euphoria)


Sweet Treat options:

Substitute the groaning cake with any of these options:

  • Rice crispy, honey and nut butter bites
  • Chocoloate and walnut brownies
  • Banana, apple & cinnamon muffins
  • Banana bread
  • Carrot cake
  • Post-partum oat and raisin cookies
  • Coconut flapjacks
  • 2 litres of chocolate millk shake – cocoa, banana, mixed nuts, dates, coconut water & nut milk,
  • 2 litres of berry smoothie – blueberry, banana, mixed nuts, coconut water, nut milk


Optional Extras:

Why not add any of these to your desired basket and make it bespoke..

  • Recovery stew £15 – 4 portions
  • Coconut and vegetable curry £15 – 4 portions
  • Chicken or vegetable broth £15 – 4 portions
  • White rice congee with warming spices £15 – 4 portions
  • Seasonal soup £15 – 4 portions
  • Additional tea/infusions 2 litres £7.50
  • Additional sweet treats £12.50

All orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hours before due delivery day.

If an order is place on Saturday, it will be delivered on the Monday, if an order is placed on the Monday it will be delivered on Wednesday and if ordered on Wednesday it will be delivered on Friday.   A delivery fee is added to your order.

All ingredients are fresh and organic where possible.  I avoid using dairy or refined sugar and opt for healthy/clean options.

*Please advise if there are any allergies.  Please note, all products are made in a kitchen where nuts are used.

The time after a woman gives birth is arguably the most nutritionally intensive period of a woman’s life. We must honour her during this time.