I was a completely scaredy Cat, full of fear which crippled me for much of my life.  When I discovered the root of it, it became much less but there are still days when it creeps in. Last week, for instance, I noticed I was seeking out new stories on the whole Corona_virus and scaring myself sh*tless!  I did it for a day and suddenly saw what I was doing – I was feeding an old fear pattern and actually going out of my way to unsettle a wounded, frightened parted of me.  Thankfully I was conscious enough to nip this pattern in the bud but not all of us notice this, so I am asking you to take a look at where you are feeding fear.

Yes these times in the world right now are unnerving – whether it’s climate crisis, Australian bush fires, floods or a so called ‘killer virus’ which let’s face it – there is more chance that we die falling down the stairs than contracting or dying from it – but feeding our fears isn’t helpful in empowering us to navigate through this time.  I read a brilliant article yesterday saying the greatest danger at the moment is the infection of fear in to our minds.  It’s so true!  Fear breads fear, anxiety, low vibration and as we know – our reality creates our reality so keep focusing on fear and fear will present itself and the very thing you’re worrying about will manifest.  That’s why I have deleted all the news apps from my phone and I feel so much better for it.  If anything in London goes down, somehow I’ll get the memo – if the schools close I will get the email but what I don’t need to read is all the sordid sensationalism that probably won’t even come true – and then I will have wasted all that energy on worrying about stuff that was pointless.  We know the news sources have an agenda and are owned by a select few who have their fingers in other pies so it is rarely reliable information that is helpful to the man or woman next door.   We have been here before with global viruses, we have seen how the news sensationalise even the most trivial stories they could make a chicken crossing the road sound horrorfying if they wanted to!   Since I removed the news apps, I feel lighter and a heck of a lot brighter.  I dare you to give it a try- for the next few days don’t read any newspaper or watch any news – don’t even engage in other people’s worries about how things might turn out.  Then notice how you’re ok and burden of anxiety has lifted.

I read another article recently saying how the human brain isn’t designed to cope with impending fears or outcomes because it can’t control it and doesn’t know what to do with it. Which is why we end up with the surplus nervous energy when we read or hear about scenes of doom that apparently await us.  We can cope with what we can control or understand – the ego loves to know all the answers and doesn’t like it when it’s on the back foot and then goes in to overdrive with horror stories which take up so much mental energy it’s exhausting – i know it first hand.  

For one moment though, I want you to consider what you are really scared of at the moment? World war 3 and dying?  The planet imploding from the climate crisis and you getting swept up in a major flood, fire or drought? Or getting wiped out by a killer virus?  Yes all frightful thoughts but if we are infinite beings and our spirits live on – what are you scared of?  The thought of death shouldn’t be a scary one as really it’s simply a transition to somewhere else in a different form.  Of course our current life as we know it would be behind us but others await, perhaps even better.  You’ll never consciously remember the end of your life in this one (although your deep subconscious might in the next life, along with the akashic records – but that’s another blog post) but my dear, right now you are ok, you’re safe and all is well if you keep your mind clear and keep your vibration clean and clear.  

Don’t let the fear that is spreading the globe infect your mind.  Ask yourself when you next feel fearful – Am I ok right now? Invariably you will be, except if a saber-toothed tiger is staring you in the face or you have a gun to your head but most of the time, you’re ok.  Come away from fear and trust that everything will work out. 

And note this, all sacred scriptures write ‘Do not dwell in fear’ – more so than ‘love thy neighbour’.  So take the advice of our wisdom filled ancestors, predecessors and indigenous fellow and leave fear where it belongs and invite in trust.

As my coach recently reminded me – trust and acceptance are the opposite to fear so try that.  She was a right – we must accept where we are and take small steps to ensure we are keeping our side of the road clean – eating well, being in nature, grounding ourselves (a must!), meditating and filling ourselves up with food for the soul.  We must nourish our minds and bodies on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Now is the time to trust in the greater forces that surround us – the Universe never lets us down, Mother Earth is far to clever to turn her back now – so rally your spiritual troops, engage all practices and sit and wait.  All will be well.