My passion and purpose is treating women because She matters and for too long She has felt like she doesn’t.  From infertility to endometriosis, fibroids, painful menstrual cycles, overwhelming menopause symptoms, She has suffered and so has her womb.  Society has dumbed her down, made her small, made her feel like She isn’t important.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you do, She does.  Today we are making it all about you.

Being a female is the greatest blessing, do you know how clever we really are?  We make life, whether we choose to or not, we have the capabilities.  On top of that, we feed life, our bodies are designed to give food to our young.  How clever are we?!  Our wombs are incredibly complex and magical, and sadly very misunderstood.  Women’s bodies hold within them an incredible organ filled with sexual and creative power. It is time that we celebrated the astonishing capabilities and mysteries of the fantastic uterus!  Every single human being that has ever been alive upon this planet, now and throughout all of history, has achieved this existence thanks to this very organ.  Now that’s magic!  We have all been intimately acquainted with the uterus, since the dawn of our lives, whether or not you have one personally within your own body.

Just like our gut health is vitally important so is the health of our womb but in modern society, our greatest tool has been neglected, shamed and abandoned.  Our womb stores all our emotions, memories and magic so it’s only right that we honour it.  Did you know, the uterus is an endangered organ. Hysterectomy (the removal of the uterus) is currently the #2 most common surgery performed in the United States. The #1 most common surgery in the US today is Cesarean Section, the cutting of the uterus to remove a baby.   So if the womb is the holder of our emotions and well being, what effect does this have on the health and mentality of a woman when her most sacred part of her is being cut and at worst cut out.  I’m aware that when you read this you might feel that sadness and pain, you may even experience cramps in your womb but once we have the awareness we can then bring the healing to it.


Magic alert!!! Did you know, a women’s menstrual cycles and stages of life are intrinsically linked to the cycles of the Earth, Moon, and Sun. The moon cycle is 29.5 days, and the average woman’s menstrual cycle is 29.5 days. Women whose cycles are closest to the 29.5-day cycle have higher rates of fertility.

In addition, there are 13 moon cycles in a calendar year, and the average age of menarche (a girl’s first menstruation) is age 13. The average age of menopause is 52, which is also the number of weeks in a year. There are an average of 4 weeks to a women’s menstrual cycle and 4 seasons in a year.

Women’s ancient menstrual calendars consisting of notches carved into bone or stone are said to be some of the earliest forms of calendars known. Women’s wombs hold a powerful connection to the astronomical cycles of the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  What?? Amazing eh?!

Oh and by the way, back to the power of the woman and our womb, we possess an organ that is purely about pleasure – the clitoris’ sole purpose is to bring a woman pleasure. Not like the man’s parts that are multi purpose.  When a women orgasms, she experiences not just pleasurable and euphoric sensations, but waves of contracting muscles throughout the uterus, as well as the vagina and pelvic floor. The whole uterus has waves of muscular contractions which helps to facilitate the movement of sperm from the vagina into the uterus.

Some women also experience deep pleasure from their wombs during orgasm, and say that relaxing and deepening into the feeling allows a whole body orgasmic release. Wowee! Now that’s power!

It’s important to raise awareness today about the power, purpose and potential of the amazing woman and her amazing womb, so we can focus more energy on the health, vitality and preservation of this amazing female organ. Let’s tune into our pelvic cauldron of magic.

Perhaps if we tuned in to her, then perhaps there would be a lot less need for hormone altering contraception, c sections, hysterectomies, HRT and the pill. Let’s stop hurting her and healing She, She deserves it, She matters.

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