Birth Preparation – Step 1

Here you Go!

Well done for taking the first step in getting birth ready!  It’s all very exciting but not when you feel overwhelmed with what you need to do ahead of birth.  So these simple information sheets will help you start to understand what you need to do ahead of birth and put you on your first step to being ready for your baby.


This is so exciting! Let’s begin! 

Before, you do anything i need you to do some reading!! If you have done my mini course, you won’t need to but if not this is a basic foundation of things you need to consider and also know pre birth and for a successful pregnancy.  I’m all about body sovereignty and informed consent  and this way i know that you have at least got a base level of info in your pocket.  


Now that you have read the education document it’s time to fill in your booking in form so that i have as much information as possible about you and where you are emotionally, physically and spiritually.  If you’re unsure of the answer, don’t worry as we will discuss these parts in our zoom call – this is just giving me a basis to meet you where you are right now so that i can help you fill in the blanks.  

Now it’s time to book your first call with me! This is where we are going to ‘get to know each other’, explore your birth plan currently, find out about your own birth story and blueprint, while digging in to your emotional self to check we are all in order there.  After this session, I will prescribe what you need to read, educate yourself on and consider ahead of birth. 

The call is 1 hour and we will do this on zoom.  You can choose from a Tuesday or Thursday time slot at 10.30am. If this doesn’t suit due your work schedule, then let’s figure one out that works for both of us.