Birth Preparation – Step 2

Step 1 done! On to Step 2!

  So you’re fully read up and have a good foundation to begin getting into the nitty gritty. Time to turn your attention to early labour and give you some information, tools and empowerment for this phase of labour.


This is so exciting! Let’s begin! 

Before, you do anything i need you to do some reading!! If you have done my mini course, you won’t need to but if not this is a basic foundation of things you need to consider and also know pre birth and for a successful pregnancy.  I’m all about body sovereignty and informed consent  and this way i know that you have at least got a base level of info in your pocket.  


The truth is, you don’t need any of these tools and to some extent we have convinced ourselves that unless we have the playlist made, the snacks in the cupboard and birthing pool filled, we can’t do it!

Well let me tell you, you can do it and here are some additional tools to go with your innate tools that live within you – like your breath!


Breath is going to be your best friend and companion during labour and guess what, it’s free!

In early labour it’s all about slow and steady. In through the mouth and out through the nose. Slow and steady, Eddy!



It doesn’t matter if meditation isn’t your thing. This is a great tool to go inwards and support you through early labour.  You don’t have to be a buddhist monk to do it. 

Just pop it on your head phones or lie down and get comfy but allow your mind to drift off.



However your labour unfolds, seamless, beautiful, messy and juicy it’s important for you to know what you might encounter, what questions you will need answers for and generally ensure you’re fully equipped for all eventualities now matter what.