Birth Preparation – Step 3

Step 2 nailed, Step 3 here!

Ok, so we’ve covered early labour and all that comes with it so now it’s time to cover established labour, when things really hot up and get super exciting!  Eeek!


I mean, prior to researching birth, who even knew that there were different phases of labour?? Listen honey, in truth their isn’t and the medical system like to label and pigeon hole the process but you can be sure that the first stage of labour can be gentle, you’re still in the room emotionally, chatty and all but when things get more spicy you’ll turn inwards and this is what i call established labour and 

Here’s are some of the confirmation signs that labour has TRULY begun and your baby is not far off!


 Full body wisdom is activated, ancestors are in the wings ready to support your journey, guardian angels are on watching over you, ready to hold your hand as you embark on the most powerful, embodying and empowering journey of your life, however it unfolds. 

Here are some tools to see you through, although in truth, you already know all of this and will intuitively assume positions, make beautiful groaning noises and birth your baby even if i didn’t tell you any of this.

You’ve got this sister!


Now we’re taking the breath one step further. From long, slow breaths you’ll naturally find that you begin to pant through your contractions. Quick shorts breaths to the peak of the surge are the order of this stage but again, don’t get attached to my technique, you’ll find your rhythm, just as long as you remember to BREATHE through the surge, like a wave washing over you. 



You may be too far into your own journey to even want my voice guiding you through but i share this in case you feel the call to journey with me, because either way i’m colluding with the angels above to hold your hand energetically no matter what!



Being informed and thus making informed decisions is what will empower you through this journey, making sure that at every step you are making sovereign choices for you and your baby. That is true sovereignty. So with that in mind, let’s just acknowledge what decisions might come your way and get your prepared to execute them effortlessly.



This is the peak of the mountain, the moment of truth and your final transition from maiden to mother.  This is such an exciting moment and one you will treasure and remember forever.  

Let’s dive in to this cathartic moment in time as you begin the final stretch to meeting your new baby.