Birth Preparation – Step 4

Say what? Step 4 baby!

 You’ve only just educated yourself to birth your child into the world, now we just need to tidy up the final part. Now imagine, you’ve now caught your baby, cried tears of joy, smelt it’s delicious newborn head and kissed it up big style!

What now?


So fast forward a few months, labour is done, baby is in arms and this is the last phase of labour that needs to be addressed and it’s an important one.

Largely it gets sidelined because we have focused so much on the arrival of the baby and forget that we still need to tend to your mind and body. So let’s jump in to this final process and get you back in the room, Earth side with your babes in arms.


Also known as the 4th trimester and largely the most important one as this will see you through Motherhood and Menopause.  The way you care for yourself in this phase will lay a foundation for how you self care during your Mothering years, when your energy sources are required for not just you but a little human too.


Here is the lowdown on how to care for yourself for the rest of your life, after all, post-partum is forever!


If my top 5 favourite recipes wasn’t enough in the mini course, here is my full list of post partum dishes that i cook for new mums when i’m taking care of them. 

These recipes are packed full of nutrients all designed to heal and warm that beautiful body of yours so that you can fully show up for your baby with a strong and vibrant mind, body and spirit.  Food is medicine after all.


Ok so imagine, you’ve had your baby and now you need to feed the little cherub!

 If you’re considering breastfeeding, here is an introductory guide on all things to do with the boobie!

If you require other information on feeding your baby, reach out to me and. i can share more information on the alternatives should breastfeeding not be an option for you for whatever reason.  

In the meantime, read and absorb the ins and outs of breastfeeding.


It wouldn’t be right to end this course without a word on Motherhood. So here it is. MESSY.

Read on if you want a little pep talk from me before you cross the threshold from Maiden to Mother.


Right, now it’s time to put everything into action and get it down on a piece of paper so that you have a clear idea of how you want your birth to unfold and on what terms you want it to be.

You will make 3 versions: Your idyllic birth, Your birth with Intervention, Your C section birth.

Ready? Let’s go!