Birth Preparation – Step 6

You did it!!!

 ‘Yes yes yes sister! You did it! .You’re now fully locked and loaded, ripe and ready and oozing sovereign pregnancy goddess vibes!



Now you’re just waiting on my final sign off of your birth plan and good to go! It will be back with you within a week if not sooner.

Here’s a yoga nidra to enjoy and indulge yourself!

A final word from me about due dates!

As you’re now in the mindset to wait, continue that as you allow the days to come and go ahead of baby time.

Think of it as a birth month.  95% of babies do not arrive on their due date. Most first births are over 40 weeks.

Assume that between 38 and 42 weeks you’re putting your feet up and enjoying each day as it comes and goes. Nothing to do just rest and be nourished.