My Birth Journey

“I do what I do as a birth-keeper because I had a disempowered birth.”

My story

It’s almost a decade since I collected my child’s soul and brought it Earth side and while it was an amazing time to birth him into the world, the birth experience itself was not as it should have been.  I do what I do as a birth-keeper because I had a disempowered birth.

Back in 2012, I had opted for a private, hospital birth under an obstetrician as I believed at that time that this was the safest and best option for me and my baby.  I now know, this choice was made out of fear and a conditioning of thinking that had me understand that this was best. Statistics prove otherwise.

My story


In brief, I went into spontaneous labour at 5am and after several hours the baby (my son) was not moving down into my pelvis and I had dilated only 5 cms.  I was encouraged to walk around and then guided to have my waters broken to further encourage the dropping of baby lower in to my body. Several hours later, he was still not engaging (their words) so I was given an epidural to reduce the strength of contractions and then Pitocin.  This led to foetal distress and eventually an ‘emergency’ c section.


If you haven’t read about the cascade of intervention I suggest you do (or purchase my birth pack).  The moment one form of induction is given a cascade of procedures follows, in almost all cases – mine started with my waters being broken and ended in a c-section.  When we upset the natural rhythm of birth it invites in a different rhythm and one that the natural, human body rejects and this comes out in the birth trauma and post-natal depression in the following days, weeks and months, if not years.


I just needed time.  With hospitals on a conveyor belt of birth and the industrialisation of the birthing experience, allowing me time to bring my baby Earth side is money wasted – in their opinion.  While I’m keeping a bed full, I’m stopping another woman come through the system where pharmaceutical drugs are a premium, while the cost of a caesarean is big money income.


I’m not here to fight the system, I’m here to reimagine birth and create a new birthing experience and one that honours and preserves the natural and beautiful, powerful and sacred process that is human birth. A woman in her birthing power is like nothing that you have seen before.

I was not broken. My body was not ‘failing’ to engage. My baby wasn’t failing to move down. The system failed us.  I need not have been cut open.  I didn’t need my sacred womb sliced (twice – as I opted for a planned c section for my second birth to avoid the emergency I had endured the first time around). I did not need to have my sacred waters broken, I did not need synthetic drugs to speed things up or mute my surges. I just needed time and in this broken society, time is money.

Your story

When I trained as a doula I had to understand my birth and process the unnecessary traumas so that I can show up for you without baggage, judgement or a biased point of view. 

You know your body, your birth story is different to mine.  I am not anti hospital birth. I’m for empowered choices and sovereign consent.  If you choose a caesarean, I support you – there are ways to make this choice personal to you such as, receipt of your baby immediately, skin to skin, the vernix left on, delayed cord clamping, lotus birth, natural 3rd stage labour.  If you choose a hospital birth, you can do this as a sovereign being, making inform choices with firm boundaries of what you are willing to receive in care on your terms.

The gift is of my experience is I see how a medical system industrialises the process out of fear of litigation and a price tag on time.  With this awareness I can assist you in ensuring you aren’t another unnecessary statistic that went through the birth mill.   I can advocate for the birth that you choose and I can support you in creating a space either at home or in hospital that is in line with your wishes and desires.

I share with you my story as a trail blazer of the future of birth.  Let’s reimagine birth – one of natural celebration of the immense power a woman has to house new life and then birth new life in to the world. What a gift and one that must be held in the highest regard.


We are here to show our children the way.  Let’s create that new and beautiful path towards birth.  Afterall, peace on Earth begins at birth.

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Let’s reimagine birth.  For our Children.