Placenta Ceremonies

The placenta is a sacred organ that connects Mother and Baby during the first few months of life together.  It sustains life, the life of your child. The placenta must be honoured & commended for its irreplaceable job.

Honouring your Placenta


I hold ceremonies or provide the kit for your own personal placenta ceremony.  This is an opportunity to thank, honour and celebrate your sacred organ that sustained the life of your child. 

When we give back the sacred organ to Mother Earth herself it is a strong way of “closure” to your mothering journey while continuing the connection to the Earth.

It can be done on its own or in conjunction with some milestone, such as a blessing, first birthday, return of your menstruation or upon a full or new moon when energies are intense.  You as a Mum can do it in a private, quiet ceremony or include your child whose placenta it belonged. 

Whether it is with your real placenta or a stone to honour it, either are wonderful way of marking the connection with the original Mother, Mother Earth.

Placenta burial is a sacred connector of the child to his or her land and heritage. It literally roots the child to the Earth during their journey that is life”

The Sacred Placenta

In Bali the placenta is called “Ari-Ari” and is considered the physical body of the child’s guardian angel, and the angel’s spirit stays with the child for life.

In the Hmong culture, the placenta is buried with great care and ritual at the home, as the placenta is believed to be the spiritual jacket that the baby wore to come into this world. Once the baby lived his life, his spirit will, after death, retrace his life’s journey, back to the very site of the placenta burial to recover the placenta. His spirit can again wear the placenta as the spiritual jacket that will allow him to cross back over to the other side.

In the Navajo tradition, burial of the placenta within the boundaries of the child’s family tribal land will bind or root the child’s spirit to his ancestors and to the land. The Navajo believe that this will ensure that the child will always return home. 

When we understand how indigenous people and our ancestors regard the placenta it informs us in modern society of just how beautiful and special this organ and if we don’t honour it, just how much we are missing out.

Your Placenta Ceremony


  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Cost: £144 plus petrol
  • I will hold space for the sacred burial of your placenta
  • Flowers, Petals & Candles will adorn the space
  • We will fix a date that is significant to you or the Universe ie full moon
  • We will bury your placenta or i will bring a painted stone 
  • I will bless the stone and child/you during the ceremony
  • Then a tree is planted
  • Organic cake and herbal tea mark the occasion post ceremony
  • Music, incense and a personalised guided meditation specific to you or the child will be curated.

This can be held where ever calls you, I travel to you depending on location.

Included in price: fruit tree, flowers, candles and painted stone (if required)


Purchase a DIY kit and hold you own burial 

COST: £77 (plus postage)

Included in price: Blessing to read, fruit tree, candles, petals, painted stone (if required)