Quiz Results

You’re almost there!

Congratulations!! Your hard work over these past few months has set you in good stead ahead of your baby’s birth.

There is still time to add to your already great foundation.  The quiz gave you a mini insight in to your birth readiness but how about scanning the list below to see that all bases are covered and check out what areas you could still read up on.   Remember, don’t feel overwhelmed, only go towards what resonates with you. Women have a tendency to want to be perfect and tick it all off and then we get overwhelmed.  So go through the list and if there’s something that you haven’t covered and it calls you to deep dive further then do, if not, scroll on.

Now you can focus on the finishing touches to life pre baby; see the friends you wish to see, travel to the places you meant to go or why not learn a new skill?  I learnt sewing when i was pregnant and it’s come in fairly useful since.

Other things you might do while you await your baby.

– Learn belly dancing – it’s great for keeping your body mobile ahead of birth

– Finish the nursery

– Nest like crazy

– Get a facial

– Enjoy a massage

– Formulate a heart led business that fits in with motherhood

– Get in nature

– Reconnect with Mother Earth

– Practice pregnancy yoga

– Discover yoga nidra (yogic sleep meditation)

– Go to the theatre/opera/ballet

– Escape in to the world of books

– Take advantage of unadulterated ‘me’ time

Should you want to explore the option of having a doula during your birth or post partum, join a pregnancy retreat or ensure all bases are covered with one of my birth preparation courses, all links are below.

With a good wishes for your birth