Fertility Success Stories

“The strongest force in every human being is that the body has to match what is going on in the mind”

Vicki’s story

After 4 years and the heartache of losing 6 pregnancies on our journey to have baby number 2, discovering Cat and her transformational techniques in early 2017 was like falling upon a fairy godmother! I had resisted any sort of ‘therapy’ up to that point as I felt like I was ‘in control’ of my emotions yet I had tried everything else, clean living, reflexology, running, yoga, acupuncture, low sugar diets, meditation, focusing on the positives in my life, setting up a business to take my mind off things, you name it I had thrown myself at it and nothing seemed to have made any difference whatsoever.

Miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and natural killer cells were the norm for me and I was exhausted and so was my body.  I finally got to the point where I felt there was nothing left for me to do and all my hope of having another baby had completely gone.

So I decided we had one last shot… it was in January 2017 that I decided to embark on my IVF journey and before doing so I wanted to go in with a very positive mindset, I had heard about Cat and decided to give it a go.

How Cat Helped me

‘I cannot recommend her enough’

Not only did she release all tensions and negatives from me in the sessions but she gave me techniques to make sure all my thoughts were about believing and being positive, in 2 hours alone she had given me all my hope back that had dramatically faded.  

She would check in with me through my IVF journey and make sure my head was in the right place, she made me visualise the whole process as if it was happening in my house and made me look forward to December where I would be spending my first Christmas with 2 children, for a sceptical person all these things seemed so far-fetched but I went with it and threw myself into it all.  I even found myself listening to her soothing and reassuring voice on a recording to calm my fears and bring me back to the present, when I started getting wobbly over potentially the pregnancy miscarrying again.

‘I went on to have baby number 2 and then baby number 3 came completely naturally- my system had been reset’

Fast forward 11 months and sure enough, true to her word, Baby Delilah entered the world in December 2017 and my Christmas and year were made complete.  I have recommended her a hundred times over, will absolutely continue to do so and have even been able to pass on her amazing approach to other people going through their own journeys with IVF and miscarriages.

As I said at the beginning Catherine was my fairy godmother in 2017 and I really hope that other people discover her so she can be theirs too, she really did make my dreams finally become a reality and I will be forever grateful to her.

In 2020, i had baby number 3 completely naturally. My family is complete.

“Catherine was my fairy godmother'”

Dani’s Story

I was recommended by a friend to see Cat to help me with my fertility journey. After nearly 4 years of trying to get pregnant and 3 miscarriages, I was due to undergo fertility treatment but this had been delayed for nearly six months due to complications and I was feeling desperate and anxious.

When I went to see Cat, she had this amazing energy, she listened to my story carefully and really helped to allay my fears and concerns. It was my first experience of hypnotherapy so I wasn’t sure what to expect but throughout the session I felt very calm and reassured by her. Sometimes her questions made me feel uncomfortable – but that is probably because I didn’t want to face the answers!

Afterwards, we talked through my feelings and her insights, and I came away feeling much lighter, like a huge weight had been lifted. I felt very peaceful and relaxed, and listening to the recording of the session every day afterwards just added to my sense of calm and positivity. I had a couple of follow up sessions with her and when I finally went ahead with the procedure, it was successful first time and I am now 6 months pregnant. I had a few moments of anxiety early on in the pregnancy which she kindly supported me through and I have now asked her to help me prepare for the birth.

I have no doubt that Cat’s contribution to my mental well being and sense of calm and positivity has played a hugely important role in having a healthy and successful pregnancy.  I went on to birth a healthy baby girl called Lily.

I have no doubt that Cat’s contribution to my mental well being and sense of calm and positivity has played a hugely important role in having a healthy and successful pregnancy.”