“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.”

Mother Flourish Sustainability Manifesto

As a company we teach others to walk alongside Mother Nature and reconnect to the Earth’s heartbeat, so we know how important it is to have clear sustainability policies and goals that show that we also walk alongside the Original Mother and help her to flourish.


Mother Flourish plans to be Net Zero by 2030. We’re currently carbon neutral, which means the carbon emissions we can not currently reduce are off-set by investing in renewable energy systems through Carbon Footprint. As Mother Flourish is run out of our founder’s home, her plan is to make her home Net Zero by 2030. (Net Zero is when you have reduced your carbon emissions to the lowest level that is possible and you off-set the remaining emissions). The Mother Flourish home office runs on renewable electricity supplied by Good Energy, a company that supplies 100% renewable energy and consistently scores amongst the highest energy companies for its commitment to renewable energy. The home office is currently heated by gas through Good Energy, 10% of which is biogas. The Mother Flourish retreat venue runs on renewable electricity supplied by Bulb, a company that supplies 100% renewable energy and consistently scores amongst the highest energy companies for its commitment to renewable energy, while the coach house runs on an air source pump.

We are working on making the supply chain to our home office as green as possible. We opt for suppliers who use electric van or bicycle deliveries, wherever possible. We buy our stationery from a green office supplier. We all bike, walk or take public transport as much as possible. As we choose circular, regenerative brands for our home, these are all available at our office.

We are careful to conserve water, and use a Guppy bag to prevent microfibres from leaving our washing machines. We buy organic food, as much as possible, and buy fish locally and seasonally and eat meat less frequently, and buy only pasture-fed organic beef and lamb.


We are a small team of passionate women who work on a freelance basis. Mother Flourish pays above the minimum wage and pays within a week of being invoiced. We are an inclusive company, and we take regular brain breaks and rest periods so that we stay well and happy.

We show up in our commitment to the bigger picture whether it’s charitable work or our personal environmental endeavours in our very own garden.  And we empower women, and each other, by celebrating our talents and our creativity. As we all work on a freelance basis we work around our childcare if we have children in our lives.


All the home and office supplies we buy are certified cruelty-free, and we only buy meat from butchers that make sure that the meat they source comes from animals that have lived happy, comfortable and healthy lives. We mainly buy wild fish, which is fished seasonally and locally.


We are obsessed with the concepts of durability, reusability and circularity, seeing buying less, and buying better as a way of slowing down the damage of over-production and over-consumption. We buy second-hand where possible, and will pay more for better quality products when we need them. Where we need to replenish products, like cleaning products, store produce and beauty products, we use circular companies, to minimise our waste.

We donate at least 2% of our profits to TreeSisters, a charity that is reforesting the tropics, where trees suck up 30% more carbon dioxide and symbolises for us the regenerative power of people – in this case, women – when they put their mind to a task.

We see ourselves as change-makers, championing other businesses that are striving to balance profit and purpose in a way that gives back to the world rather than takes from it. We strive to be as transparent as possible in the way that we run our company, and in our vision, our ethics and our sustainability. We, like everyone, are not perfect, and like everyone else never will be, but we are aiming for our North Star of kindness, compassion and change that helps heal not only the planet but, in doing so, ourselves.

Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this Earth forever.”