Welcome to the Fit Soul (12)

Now I feel enough - I can write my novel!

I feel closer to my dreams, I feel a sense of excitement about going after them, and if I fail to attract the perfect agent and publisher …because just like JK Rowling it’s likely for the first few attempts ….then I know it’s because they weren’t the right connections for me, and I will carry on.

Through knowing why I was feeling the way I did and where it all stemmed from, I was able to uncover deeply ingrained beliefs and memories, which had all impacted my life in some way. Becoming aware was the first step to feeling better. To feeling better than I ever had. I still reap the rewards of Cat's incredible session months on. She is amazing, and I can't thank her enough for impacting my life so wonderfully. Thank you so much, dearest Cat.

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I finally matter! She matters!!!

My journey with Cat was like nothing I have ever experienced, the enormous emotional shift was very intense, raw and left me feeling absolutely euphoric. Cat is able to tap into emotions that I had been holding onto for over 30 years.

She is very insightful, calm and able to recognise a pattern and link the issues into the wider story so the healing can begin.

The results have been incredible, the symptoms have gone and I am now able to recognise the patterns and triggers which flare up the old symptoms. The most wonderful gift I have received from this treatment is the overall feeling of self-worth, self-belief, and self-love. Thank you, Cat for opening my eyes to a better and more fulfilling way of life.

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Happiness is available!

It was wonderful how Cat delicately tapped into where my beliefs started and she gracefully helped me change them and see things differently. The positive reinforcement she gave me helped me chip away at some of my anxieties and I left feeling like I had something that worked for me. She gave me a recording of the session which was my continued support. The work was also up to me, so for 21 days, I listened every night sometimes more when I felt uneasy. Little by little I felt different. I felt excited again. My instinct always told me I would be a good mother but my fears has got in the way. Now I KNOW I will be a good mother, I KNOW what to do, I CAN COPE!! All i can say is thank you Cat!

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Hey babes, you're gonna be ok!

Cat has given me the best pregnancy story I could ever wish to hear and the only one I choose to listen to and believe because it is positive and good for me and my baby and I am so thankful for that. I am by no means cured of every anxiety I have, but a massive block has been lifted and I could not recommend this treatment and process enough for pregnant mothers to be. The results are invaluable and having experienced the effectiveness I will be seeing Cat again in the future I am sure.

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Shed the old, make way for a new you!

I went to see Cat after trying EVERYTHING else following my weight gain post birth of my second child.  I had been told before that it was linked to an emotional block which is why nothing else was working.  I was dubious but gave it ago. I was blown away with the blocks that were uncovered and for the first time, the weight began to shift.  It felt like the easiest diet ever! The recording really helped, especially if I ever wobbled.  I'm now converted to hypnosis!

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You are amazing! You have the power!

The amazing part was how immediate the positive effects took place. I had absolutely no need to snack that evening or the following days to come. I listened to my personalised recording and seemed to hear something new each time. Since our first meeting I have had relapses where I’ve eaten sugar but I’ve been able to stop this from spiraling into my old habits. I have lost weight and feel confident about turning down foods which are no longer good for me.

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I am worth it!

I went to see Cat to try and boost my inner belief. I had never been hypnotised before and so was a bit anxious about what to expect but found Catherine really put me at ease and talked me through exactly what would happen and the results I could expect. The hypnosis itself was extremely powerful and vivid and really got to the root of the problem and allowed me to leave the session feeling lighter, more confident and more focused on what I needed to achieve.