The Women’s Well-being Coach

‘I can’t even begin to explain what Cat has done for me. In short, I began, anxious, tired, and a bit lost and in no time I became lighter! The things that bothered me before, just don’t! I’ve learned to deal with anything life throws at me with strength and courage and I can’t thank you enough Cat for what you have done for me.’

Coaching with Cat

Introducing me, Cat Raincock your coach to be!

As a woman, an entrepreneur, coach, and Mumma, I know too well the inner struggle of wanting to be it all, do it all, and have it all! I also understand how devastating self-critical thoughts of not being enough can be.  This can leak into our physical health too – after all the body keeps score!

I support women who are ready to make big shifts in their inner world so that they can live a life of vibrancy, energy, and presence. Life is meant to be enjoyed and our bodies are designed to thrive! We deserve to have the health and life vision that we know to be possible in our deepest hearts.  I specialise in women’s mental and physical health.

Are you ready to think big, redefine success in health and life on your own terms, and let go of the limiting beliefs that are blocking your potential?

Are you ready to begin your journey to empower yourself mentally and physically?

Let’s talk.



Here is what I can help you with emotionally:

* Anxiety
* Overwhelm
* Lack of self worth
* Feelings of out of control
* Depression
* Confidence issues
• Problems achieving goals
* Fears
* Lack of motivation
* Feelings of being stuck
* Self doubt  

Here is what i can help you with physically:

* Fertility 
* Fibroids 
* Painful periods or absence of them
* Menopausal symptons
* Endometriosis
• Menstrual irregularities
* Urinary track health
* Pregnancy loss 
* Breast health
* Vaginal health

**Please enquire about a condition that may not be listed by can be treated.


Curious how coaching with me might look? After an initial call or exchange i will put a bespoke package together for you based around the layout below.   This is a 6 week package bespoke designed for you.  

INTRODUCTORY SESSION (60 minutes) £195

This session is designed around you sharing:

What you wish to achieve from our time together

What you know about you so far following your therapy so far

What you don’t know about you

Exploring what is stopping you achieve your goal

Your WHY – why change, why not stay the same?

INDEPTH SESSION (90 minutes) £250

This session is designed to show you the root cause of the issue in hand.

We will access the subconscious mind through various means such as hypnosis and visualisation

This session is very revelatory and can bring many answers and understanding to why a pattern of behaviour is occurring

While we may have an idea of the make up of a childhood wound, we often don’t know the specific occasions that imbedded the limited belief


This session releases the emotional charge behind the new information you have from your last session and thus assists in removing the block.

You will set your intention ahead of the session so the breath has a targeted focus.

This can often bring more revelations and cathartic release

We will reframe and rewire the minds’ interpretation of the presenting issue/block

3 x WEEKLY CATCH UP SESSIONS (45 minutes) £75

These sessions are designed to ensure you are accountable in changing the pattern of behaviour and analysing what is continuing to show up that is testing you in your drive for your goal.

(If a full session is needed, this can be added on if necessary)

As well as the above, I am on Voxer the app which allows messages and voice notes throughout our work together.  You also have unlimited access to my resources and pre recorded meditations and visualisations plus complimentary access to my weekly Yoga Nidra and early bird energising 30 minute breathwork sessions. 

The above package should stretch about 6 weeks when we can reassess your journey and either continue with a new style of package depending on what is needed.


Here’s a bit about my work as a coach.  I began my journey and desire to heal women back in 2016 when i trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, engaged and learnt a multitude of modalities, following my own personal journey through years of therapy.   I have worked with women, men and children and carried out hundreds hours of coaching people back to equilibrium.  Whether people come to me for a physical or emotional issue, all is welcome.

I coach from a professional and personal view point, having trodden the path before my clients.  I believe in accessing all emotions, releasing and honouring them with a full understanding of the past and how our childhoods shape our reality and life as an adult.

My work has taken to the depths of the Amazon rainforest in Peru to work with the Shipibo tribe, immersing myself in plant medicine. To Poland where I learnt about the power of breathwork, the power of the mind and cold water immersion with Wim Hof, the Iceman himself.  I have trained with some of the top professionals in the wellness industry from hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, Yoni Shakti author Uma Dinsmore-Tulli,  business coach Michelle Zelli while learning from others such as Hay House author Rebecca Campbell, Jessica Huie, Gabor Mate and many more.

‘I never knew that therapy with Cat would unlock my body’s potential

& understanding the mind body connection was illuminating’.

“Unlocking your potential through therapy and making friends with your subconscious mind is the best gift I could give myself.”