How to Self care this Valentine's

Learn how I got out of my rut with some simple self love and self care tips this Valentine's Day!  

It starts with you because you matter.

What Kelley said about me...

'When we began the work the big realisation for me was that deep down I didn’t have much self confidence and belief in myself. 

I thought that feeling not enough was normal and while the things that happened to me seemed insignificant at the time they impacted me greatly.   

I have been able to rewrite these scenarios through hypnosis and see things from a different perspective. I’m not saying I am the finished product but I do intrinsically believe I am enough now and my relationships are better, my happiness feels real and my life is more fulfilled .'

'Thank you Cat, I'm like a new woman!'

About me

My Story

On paper my life ticked all the boxes but underneath it was anything but that.  My self esteem was rock bottom and my emotions were spilling over and I needed some help.  I didn't feel enough and I certainly didn't feel like I mattered. When I met my therapist, now mentor, I faced my shadows and took my ordinary life and made it extraordinary. 

Now I live the life I never knew I could achieve, I now feel free from that stuck feelings and have let go of my out dated beliefs and bad habits.  

I share my tools so that you can also transform your life inside and out.

My Mission

Let me help you transform your self esteem so that you can live the life that you dreamt of as a kid.  

Ever wish you could feel like you are enough, like you matter?  Life needn't be that long hard slog that you're experiencing on a daily basis.

My mission is to empower, educate and free women.  To help and heal women physically and emotionally across the globe.  

I am passionate about sharing my tools, having walked the talk for many years.  Let me show you how you can take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. 

My Sessions

I use hypnosis to help you uncover what's behind that stuck feeling along with various coaching tools to ensure lasting success. 

You are guaranteed to access a level of understanding of yourself like you have never seen or heard before.  

When you are ready to heal, we will work together to achieve the results you want.  

Set your intention and the rest is history.  Your first session marks the beginning of an incredible journey back to your true self.  

Why do it?  Because you matter. Let's start making you feel like you do.

Is this you?

  • Lacking direction and confidence at work?
  • Can't let go of poor eating habits and have tried everything?
  • Are you constantly abusing yourself with negative self talk?
  • Struggling in your relationship but not strong enough to make a change?
  • Want to ask for a pay rise at work but too scared?
  • Reaching for the wine more often than you should?
  • Lacking confidence in the bedroom?
  • Hate the look of yourself in every outfit you put on?
  • Fear other people's judgment of you?

I get it, I have been there too.  I didn't know there was a way out, well let me tell you something, there is.  Let me help you achieve your goals.  With a minimum of 4 sessions you can see big changes in your life.  There has never been a better time to do it.  Come on girl, you deserve it, let me show you why.

Here's how I can help you..

Hypnosis for Health

I practice Marisa's Peer's Rapid transformational therapy technique (RTT) which has incredible and ground breaking results.   Whether it's help with moving towards your goals, building confidence or freeing you from anxiety, I can help you.

HeI also help women with a multitude of  health issues such as endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual issues, peri-menopausal symptons, infertility, weight management  issues and much more.

Train with Me

One of the key parts of my business is coaching women to let go of self limiting beliefs which are blocking their ability to achieve what they want.  

Most women feel 'not enough' or like they don't matter, well I'm here to show you that you do matter.  

I give on going coaching support to ensure lasting success to my clients.

Let me show you how to take care of you, learn to live, love and be conscious. 

 You deserve it.  

Meditations for You

When you book in for a session, you will receive your own personalised guided meditation to reprogram your subconscious and rid you of the debilitating self talk. 

Goodby negative chat, hello a whole load of love!

I give you the tools, you just need to use them.

Imagine, it's like your very own massive dose of self care all for you! 

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Make a commitment to yourself this year. When you self care, you nourish and nurture your mind, body and soul giving yourself time to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you self care, you show yourself unconditional love & understanding while meeting your needs. Why do it? Because you matter.

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