You were born to shine.

It’s time to step into the best, happiest,
most loving version of you.

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Becoming a mother at aged 35 was the catalyst and yet not the cause of my life’s undoing.  Despite a childhood in which like many little girls, I dreamed of marriage, babies and the perfect London home, when I, former TV presenter and interior designer, gave birth to my son in 2012, I experienced what I can only describe as “a slow melt down.”

My daughter’s birth two years later confirmed what I had on some unconscious level already known – that beneath the desire to present a perfect picture of domestic bliss and adoring motherhood to the world, unhealed pain was threatening to cause an explosion in the carefully curated life I had modelled.

“It was a feeling of intense overwhelm which never went away. By busying myself making gluten free, organic muffins and attempting to embody maternal perfection, I had managed to distract myself from the powerlessness which was all encompassing.”


“Is this all there is?!”


I was stuck too and completely understand how you feel but I didn’t know there was a way out until it was too late and the meltdown ensued! Luckily for you, you’re reading this which means you know there is hope and a life of joy awaiting you when you choose to make the step.

Are you ready?

Let me guide you towards your greatest self.

“You owe it to yourself to show up, look your fears straight in the eyes and say, ‘I’m here and I’m ready to live the life I was destined to live’”

 Quote from Cat’s book ‘Born to Shine’ 



Through knowing why I was feeling the way I did and where it all stemmed from, I was able to uncover deeply ingrained beliefs and memories, which had all impacted my life in some way. Becoming aware was the first step to feeling better. To feeling better than I ever had. I still reap the rewards of Cats incredible session months on. She is amazing, and I can’t thank her enough for impacting my life so wonderfully.


My journey with Cat was like nothing I have experienced, the enormous emotional shift was very intense and left me feeling absolutely euphoric.  Cat was able to tap into emotions that I had held on to for over 30 years.  The results have been incredible.  The most wonderful gift I received is an overall feeling of self-worth, self- belief and self-love.  Thank you Cat for opening up my eyes to a better and more fulfilling way of life.


Cat delicately tapped into where my limiting beliefs started and gracefully helped me change them.  She really helped me to see things differently.  Her positive reinforcement helped me chip away at my anxiety and I left feeling like I had something that finally worked for me.  Little by little and after each session, I began to feel different and I now feel really excited about life and what it has to offer.


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It’s time to step into the best, happiest,
most loving version of you.