Mother Flourish

“True healing comes when you nourish the mind, body and soul.”

Women Need Space to Flourish

Mother Flourish supports, nourishes and nurtures women through deep rest, nutritious food and re-connecting them to Mother Earth. I hold space for women to flourish through my work in fertility, as a birth and post-partum doula, my women’s retreats and yoga nidra. 

“Through knowing why I was feeling the way I did and where it all stemmed from, I was able to uncover deeply ingrained beliefs and memories, which had all impacted my life in some way. Becoming aware was the first step to feeling better, better than I ever had. I still reap the rewards of Cat’s incredible session months on.

She is amazing, and I can’t thank her enough for impacting my life so wonderfully.”


Here’s how to work with me

  • Hire me as a birth or post-partum doula
  • Come along to one of my women’s retreats in the Kent countryside
  • Book in for a hypnosis session to awaken your fertility
  • Join one of my yoga nidra classes
  • Enjoy one on Closing the Bones or Mother Blessing ceremonies
  • Plan your weekend away at my idyllic staycation to soothe your soul






“My journey with Cat was like nothing I have experienced, the enormous emotional shift was very intense and left me feeling absolutely euphoric.”


I’m passionate about Mother Earth, I’ve partnered with Green Salon, the UK’s first sustainable lifestyle consultancy, which supports people like you and me in living a greener and healthier life.
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