Meet Cat Raincock

“Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens” 

-Carl Jung

Hi there

I’m Cat! I am a mother of two children and a fully trained hypnotherapist and have worked with women for the last 7 years supporting them through hypnosis and coaching. My work has been focused on women and fertility until I extended my care to pregnancy, birth and beyond. When I trained as a yoga nidra practitioner and purchase some land in Kent, I realised I could create a sanctuary that could hold space for women to flourish

Prior to my own journey following the birth of my children, I was an exhausted mother trying to juggle life.

Becoming a mother at aged 35 was the catalyst and yet not the cause of my life’s undoing. Despite a childhood in which like many little girls, I dreamed of marriage, babies and the perfect London home, when I, former TV presenter and interior designer, gave birth to my son in 2012, I experienced what I can only describe as “a slow melt down.”

My daughter’s birth two years later confirmed what I had on some unconscious level already known – that beneath the desire to present a perfect picture of domestic bliss and adoring motherhood to the world, a programme of self care, rest and supreme nourishment was necessary.  It was a feeling of intense overwhelm which never went away. By busying myself making gluten free, organic muffins and attempting to embody maternal perfection, I had managed to distract myself from the powerlessness which was all encompassing.

Through learning to listen to my soul, embarking on deep self-care and deepening my connection to nature and Mother Earth, I found my balance. You can too.

Work With Me






“Cat delicately tapped into where my limiting beliefs started and gracefully helped me change them. She really helped me to see things differently. Her positive reinforcement helped me chip away at my anxiety and I left feeling like I had something that finally worked for me. Little by little and after each session, I began to feel different and I now feel really excited about life and what it has to offer.”