Episode 6: How to drop 10 years in 10 steps 

Age is just a number What if I told you that by simply changing the way you think and changing your daily activities you can look and feel younger? Imagine that, you could ditch the anti-aging creams, quit the botox by taking some simple…

Episode 5: The Power of Authenticity

Secret code of a Super Girl featuring Rebecca Lindon, Creative director, editor, photographer of Wildling Magazine. Truth: Authenticity is the new black, real, wild and natural are the key to a supergirl’s life. A Supergirl doesn’t worry about how many followers she…

Episode 4: Supergirls Meditate to Elevate

The secret code of a Supergirl – Episode 4 Meditation blah blah blah..yeah I hear you but hold it there just a minute. Hear me out… Truth: Every Supergirl meditates. It is your duty to yourself, your loved ones and the planet as a whole! It will upgrade your DNA to…

Episode 3: You need the right fuel in order to be super! 

Supergirls need the right fuel in order to be super! Secret code of a Super Girl, Episode 4 featuring Jackie Olmstead, Aka Earth momma. Truth: What you fuel your body with supercharges you.  Plant-based food nourishes more than just your mind and body, it activates…

Episode 2: Let’s Get Super Intimate 

In this episode, we get all intimate and talk sex, love and getting up close and personal.  Did you know the way you view yourself sexually says a lot about how you feel inside.  If you want to improve your sex life, relationship with yourself and others, then this one is for you.  Get comfortable, we’re about to get intimate.

Episode 1: The Supergirl Manifesto 

It is my commitment to you as my trusted and loyal follower and my clients to bring you tools, information and education so that you can grow and blossom with infinite knowledge and power to ultimately take your life on to another level. This is the Supergirl manifesto to live by.